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Welcome to Life's Stories

n e-zine website dedicated to the world of adventure travel– all based on true stories.  Whether you’re cruising on a sailboat, hiking mountain trails, traveling the country in a motorhome, or sitting around your dinner table reminiscing – you’re creating life’s stories.  Use this website to share them with the world.  You’ll soon find that “Life is the Only StoryYou Need!”

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Life is the Only Story You Need
Copyright 2005

Welcome to Lifesstory.com, the e-zine where all the tales are true and our motto is “Life is the Only Story You Need.” On our pages you’ll find the real cruising adventures of the crew aboard the sailing vessel Up Jinks.  There are also all sorts of stories – life experiences, places, people, humor, photos, food and more. Most importantly, you can share your Life’s Story with us.  

Maybe you’re into adventure travel. From Maine to Miami, Boston to Houston, St. Augustine to San Francisco, wherever you go in the U.S., we’d love for you to share your travel tales with us.  Maybe you’re hiking in Germany, or skiing in Switzerland, or sailing in the Virgin Islands.  Everywhere you go, everything you do creates a memory and a story worth telling.  You can go by cruise ship, sailboat, airplane, train, RV, bike or on foot. Maybe your destination is a spa or an ecology trip or a safari.  You can pass along information to others about great trips, holiday vacations, foreign destinations, expensive hotels, cheap hotels, honeymoon spots, great restaurants, even yoga and meditation retreats.  Or maybe you’ve read a good travel guide or listened to a good audio book or found a great new digital camera or used some great camping equipment.  Maybe you’re into nature photography. Lifesstory.com is the perfect e-zine to share this information with others.

But, Lifesstory.com is more than just travel adventures.  It’s a place where you can share some of your personal memories be they inspirational or humorous, about family and friends, or recollections from the past that need to be preserved.  When you remember that “Life is the Only Story You Need,” you’ll understand that everybody enjoys hearing true stories.  So send us your stories – travel, adventure, humor, personal, holiday stories, vacations, great trips, international travel tips, traveling with children, ski trips – whatever you like.  You can get published on Lifesstory.com.